We don’t want to be the biggest portable and offgrid refrigeration company around, just the best. Our customers want the highest quality fridges and accessories they can get, so that’s what we give them. Keeping our customers happy is what we do.

To achieve this, we keep things pretty simple:
1. If we’re going to do something, we do it properly.
2. If it works, we don’t fix it - But if it’s broken, we fix it straight away.

Welcome to DP Refrigeration.


DP Refrigeration was established by Gary Kottmann in 1982. With a background in engineering and a belief in good old-fashioned customer service, the business grew quickly. Within a couple of years DP Refrigeration had developed a national distribution network for Consul gas fridges throughout Australia.

Over the next 17 years DP Refrigeration became one of Consuls largest gas fridge customers in the world and continued to support customers and distributors throughout Australia with the supply of high quality Gas fridges and freezers to some of the most remote parts of this great land.

In 1989, Bushman Portable Fridges was established as a division of DP Refrigeration. Bushman focuses on building super high quality portable fridges and accessories, designed specifically to survive and thrive in the harshest outback conditions.

When Consul ceased operations in 2011, ArctiCold was established to meet the needs of our Australian customers. Building on our 35 plus years of experience in this market, Arcticold is leading the way in Offgrid refrigeration in Australia.

Fast forward to today; DP Refrigeration, Arcticold and Bushman Portable Fridges are still going strong. We have a national distribution network which enables us to supply products to all major towns and cities Australia. We have a great range of products, and are looking to the future with positivity and enthusiasm.

Our goals going forward are simple, make the best quality fridges and accessories possible and continue to support our independent distributors and customers. The last 30+ years have been great; the next 30 might be even better.